1st Nordic Paediatric Infectious Diseases Symposium

2019-11-21 - 2019-11-22

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 1st Nordic Paediatric Infectious Diseases Symposium in Roskilde, Denmark. The Symposium is jointly organized by the Danish and Swedish Societies for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (PID) with input from colleagues in Finland, Iceland and Norway. Our main objective is to cover areas of the PID field relevant for clinical practice in the Nordic countries. Furthermore, we aim to promote research ideas/projects and to facilitate Nordic collaborations making this an ideal opportunity to showcase your PID science: Submit an abstract!

Join us to meet PID colleagues ‘and to exchange clinical insights and creative ideas!

Full programme is available at http://infektionspaediatri.dk/ and http://www.blf.net/inf/.

Registration fees include the Symposium, food, drinks and accommodation. Please note, accommodation is not included for one day registrations.

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